Welcome to SkyAviaTrans Airline

SkyAviaTrans is more than a carrier of people and goods.
“Anything, Anytime, Anywhere, Professionally”

Private Jet Charter

Whether you are chartering a private jet for business or leisure, our specialist team is on hand to listen to your requirements and provide the perfect flight solution.

Aircraft management

We will take care of all your management and operation with your aircraft, taking into account your needs and wishes. Take care of all the necessary tasks, provide quality service and provide the expected result.

Air Cargo Charter

All cargo is precious to someone. That someone is us.you can rely on our experienced team to take the weight off your shoulders.

Group Air Charter

Wherever you want to go, whatever you need, we can help bring your people together. For decades, we’ve been flying groups of passengers worldwide.

Our Special SERVICES

We’re one of the world’s leading aircraft and helicopter charter company, with own Air operator certificate and proven reputation for innovation, expertise and professionalism.

Private Jet Charter

We provide private jet charters to business professionals in order to maximize their time efficiency.

Air Ambulance

We provides the safest and highest level of care for patients across the globe.

Air Cargo Charter

Delivery of any freight from a place to another place quickly to save your cost and your time.

Helicopter Hire

Helicopter flights provide a degree of flexibility that fixed wing planes just can’t.

Group Air Charter

Our group charter division handles larger passenger aircraft, including regional jet airliners & VIP.

Aviation Consulting

We specialize in making airlines safe, competitive and viable, modern businesses.

“SkyAviaTrans” LLC Airline has its own Air Operator Certificate, obtained in accordance with the European norms and regulations..

Why Choosing us?

Cost Efficiency

Our reputation allows us to find you the best prices, ensuring you always receive the most cost effective solution.

Discretion and Security

We guarantees your privacy, and we will work closely with your security provider on all aspects of your charter.


Each one of our charter experts has undergone intensive training and spent time on the tarmac so that they understand exactly what it takes to manage a charter flight from start to finish.